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Cyber Security

Protect Business Against 
Evolving  Cyber Threats

71.1 Million

people fall victim to cyber crimes yearly.


of small companies close within 6 months of being hacked

Cyber Security

Cyber Security in 
Today's Modern Digital Era

Cyber Security Assessment

With our services we can help you define and implement the best secured architecture following industry patterns. This is done after a detailed assessment for compliance & risk along with business impact analysis.

Your Security Is Our Pledge


Cyber Cloud

Cyber Security as a service solution provides 360-degree coverage to help an organization manage complex security challenges. At 2Cents we offer Cyber Security as a service to increase overall implementation and monitor efficiency by utilizing our intelligent operations and automating capabilities.

Security You Can Count On


Backup and Disaster Recovery

Companies nowadays depend on technology for business-critical processes and data. Invest in a robust, tested backup and disaster recovery plan, to ensure business continuity and safeguard your business from data loss and cyber security threats.

The Perfect Back-Up Partners


2Cents Has Partnered With Google, AWS To Offer You  On-Premises and cloud software with unique integration of backup, disaster recovery, cyber security and endpoint management. 

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Evaluate, assess and control the security hazards present. Our skilled professionals and tried and tested techniques offer a thorough comprehension of the business and regulatory requirements.

Ensure the safety of your business, information, clients and resources. Establish confidence by aligning regulations, insights, and safeguards throughout your organization.

Quickly and effectively detect and address potential threats. React promptly and with certainty using data-driven insights.

As workloads shift from on-premises to the Cloud, security concerns also change. Streamline, centralize, and automate Cloud Security services for ease and efficiency.

Protect Your 
System and data 
From Cyber Threats

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Cloud Security Benefits

Protect and keep a watchful eye on your Data using cloud security solutions

Incorporating Cloud into your existing security program is not just about adding a few more tools or isolated solutions. It involves evaluating your assets and business objectives to create a new approach to your organization's culture and Cloud Security plan.

Define Your Future State

Gain insight into the future of your business and security program based on risk. Implement Cloud Security at every level of the architecture to support your business objectives.

Migrate To The Cloud Securely

Incorporate built-in Cloud Security measures, adopt a secure design approach, and establish security orchestration and automation to establish and implement your enterprise Cloud Security program.

Resilient Threat Management

By centralizing visibility and control, your enterprise can keep track of and adapt to potential threats. Detect and prevent attacks by coordinating an effective company-wide response plan.

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Cyber Monitoring Services

Manage risk and accelerate your business innovation

Incorporating Cloud into your current enterprise security plan is not just a matter of adding a few more controls or isolated solutions.  It necessitates evaluating your assets and business requirements to formulate a new perspective on your organizational culture and Cloud Security strategy.





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